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3 Piece Ice Bucket Set

  • 3 Piece Ice Bucket Set By OXO Good Grips
  • Internal reservoir separates melted water from stored ice
  • Transparent hinged lid allows you to see how much ice is left
  • Includes a removable garnish tray stored within the bucket to keep granishes fresh and chilled
  • Easy to pick up and carry around with its convenient handle
  • Portable and attractive

The 3 Piece Ice Bucket Set by OXO Good Grips is possibly one of the most useful drinks accessories you will ever buy. It’s small, portable and useful beyond belief, with an interior that will house your ice cubes and fruity nick nicks alike. Like all OXO products, the quality is guaranteed. It features a foldaway carrying handle, a strong set of tongs and a sturdy bottom…we should all be so lucky.

One downside to most ice buckets is the fact that…well, the ice melts. That usually leaves you with an ever growing puddle, instead of freshly frozen cubes of loveliness, which looks pretty unimpressive when offered to guests.

With this 3 Piece Ice Bucket Set, you won’t have to worry about any of that nonsense, as it comes with an inbuilt internal reservoir, to keep melted water away from the ice. Now that’s some clever thinking.

The capacity of this bucket is just over 3 litres, so plenty for yourself and to share around, without endless trips to fill it back up again. The garnish tray is ideal for lemons, limes and even a tropical selection if you are feeling fancy, just pop it in and it will all stay fresh and yummy for you.

Don’t own one? you need one…own one already? then buy another, it’s that good. Quality lasts and this 3 Piece Ice Bucket Set will be by your side for many years to come.