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Adjustable Burger Press

  • Adjustable Burger Press By Zyliss
  • Compresses and shapes mixture—make burgers that actually fit in a bun
  • Seals edges to prevent burgers falling apart in the pan
  • Griddle finish for that professional look
  • Adjust for a ½ or ¼ pounder to cater for big and small appetites

You can’t beat a good burger, so don’t let it beat you. With the Adjustable Burger Press you can be sure that your prized burger will not fall apart in the pan-the demise of many a home-made burger. Whether you’re creating a ½ pounder or ¼ pounder, the Adjustable Burger Press will rise (or lower) to the occasion.

Evenly compressing your mixture, this Adjustable Burger Press by Zyliss produces perfectly-shaped burgers that are sealed at the edge while creating a professional-looking griddle finish.

By twisting the lid, the press can be adjusted for a ½ or ¼ pound burger to cater for a range of appetites and the pull-out plastic tray makes for easy removal.

And don’t think that this isn’t one for the veggies: the book of gourmet burger recipes (also included) has plenty of vegetarian options.

The Adjustable Burger Press by Zyliss comprises of 3 parts which are easily taken apart and are dishwasher-safe, too. With burgers this good, you’ll be opening a drive-through in your garage in no time.