Apostrophe Orange Peeler

  • Apostrophe Orange Peeler By Alessi
  • Stylish typography designed orange peeler.
  • The material is a matt stainless steel so it won’t leave any grubby fingerprint marks all over it.
  • Fitted with a super sharp blade that cuts fruit skin without taking out the flesh
  • Ergonomical design that fits in any sized hand
  • Measures 2.5 x 2.5 x 6 cm
  • Weighs 118 g
  • Made By Alessi

Another piece of usable kitchen art sculpture is this Apostrophe Orange Peeler from Alessi. It’s literally shaped like an apostrophe hence the name which peels from the slim tip at the top. With the ultra sharp blade, it can peel any fruit so it’s more than just an orange peeler. It works great for vegetables too!

The large lump of the apostrophe fits nicely into the palm of the hand to provide a more comfortable and ergonomic way to hold the peeler whilst peeling. No more aching hands and wrists after a few peels then.

If you’re not good at peeling, don’t worry you’ll learn quick with this unique shape. It’s small enough to store away in kitchen drawers or you could display it on the counter like a piece of art by sitting it on the base of the apostrophe. Great for any uber stylish kitchen as it looks attractive with its matt stainless steel colour.