Bag Cinch

  • Bag Cinch By OXO Good Grips
  • Quick and easy way of sealing different bags of food
  • Bright colours make them easy to identify
  • Made by OXO Good Grips

Remember those little plastic tags that used to seal bags of sliced bread and keep the contents airtight? Well OXO Good Grips has solved the problem of disappearing tags by designing its very own new product to replace them: the Bag Cinch.

The Cinch is a nifty, hard-wearing clip that secures plastic bags and keeps bread nice and fresh, helping customers to save money as well. No more waste with the Cinch.

The Bag Cinch is easy to use and seals the bread bag nice and tight. The clips are just the right size so that even customers with stiff joints will find them simple to use. It also has a nifty closure that replaces a tag that can break or a flimsy twist tie.

It is simplicity itself to use – no need for complicated instructions. Instead just give the Cinch a squeeze. Non-slip pads provide a secure but soft grip and the plastic teeth hold the bread bag securely.

Each pack includes three closures in a mixture of bright colours, making them easy to spot in a crowded kitchen drawer. With OXO Good Grips Bag Cinch you can’t go wrong. No more throwing away the end of a sliced loaf that has gone stale, with OXO Grips. So simple, it’s a cinch!