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Banana Armour

  • Banana Armour By Eddingtons
  • Eye-catching design
  • Prevents squished bananas
  • Tough and sturdy case
  • Practical and humorous kitchen gadget
  • Made by Eddingtons

Banana Armour. It’s not a 1980’s girl band, it’s not even an x-rated party gift. It is, in fact, a big, yellow, solid banana case. Yes it may indeed have a practical and sensible use but there are those amongst us who will burst into spontaneous sniggers just at it’s very appearance and that’s ok, we cater to everyone here.

The actual use of the Banana Armour by Eddingtons, is rather an obvious one, it does exactly what it says on the tin and works to protect your bananas from getting squished, which is never a pleasant prospect.

Big enough to handle most sizes (oh stop it), this very practical banana case can be thrown into your bag, leaving you without a care in the world.

The case is made of a sturdy, durable plastic and features a hinged top and three different clips, to ensure it doesn’t pop open at an inconvenient moment. The handy little ventilation holes allow the air to circulate freely within the case, just in case your banana feels claustrophobic…oh and it prevents those nasty brown spots appearing too.

The perfect solution for overloaded school bags, business briefcases and those who like to eat on the go. It is a banana guard, that really will guard your banana. Well really, what else did you expect it to do.