• Bar10der All-in-One Cocktail Tool
  • A metallic cocktail maker consisting of 10 different cocktail tools for use at home or at the bar
  • Wow your friends with your bartending skills
  • Learn the names of the attachments to this gadget (‘reamer’, anyone?) to impress them further

The Bar10der is the Swiss army knife of cocktail makers. This handy gadget gives you all that you need to make and shake a delectable cocktail. Time for some Sex on the Beach? Don’t mind if I do.

This gadget has everything that the amateur cocktail maker’s heart could desire. Use the muddler to blend ice and juice for a mojito, the stirrer to create the perfect concoction and the reamer to squeeze juice from a fresh fruit.

That’s not all, though, there are two types of knife (a regular knife and a channel knife for creating garnishes), a zester, a strainer, a corkscrew, a strainer and a bottle opener. Phew. Why ever go out for cocktails again?