BarWise Cap-Collecting Bottle Opener

  • BarWise Cap-collecting Bottle Opener By Joseph Joseph
  • Collects caps as you open any crown-capped bottle sizes
  • The ultimate bar accessory which holds up to 16 bottle caps
  • Impress guests with your smooth moves
  • Easy to empty from the hinged base

This is it. The pinnacle of your party, the highlight of your evening, the time when you pull out your smoothest moves and impress all those around you.

The BarWise Cap-collecting Bottle Opener is there for you when you need it. Like all good side kicks, it makes you look good and will never let you down in a crisis.

Its slimline good looks are equalled only by its quick, efficient action, as it removes those pesky beer caps with ease and ensures there is no barrier between you and that refreshing gulp of thirst-quenching satisfaction. In fact, it could be said, that it is well in line for the cherished title of ‘mans best friend’, (or womans, of course).

Help ease that morning after pain, when a throbbing head pales into insignificance while treading on a discarded beer cap and earn a few brownie points for not trashing the place overnight.

Simply push the mouth of the bottle opener, onto the top of your chosen drink and lever off the cap, it’s really that simple. The caps are stored within the opener, behind a neatly frosted covering, allowing you to view and gloat over just how many you have collected (and see when it’s full too).

To empty the BarWise Cap-collecting Bottle Opener by Joseph Joseph, just open the base and watch the caps fall out neatly, preferably into a bin and not all over the floor, as that would rather defeat the purpose of it.

Pretty snazzy huh?

We can see you are impressed, so why not pop one into your basket and maybe add another one for a friend, that way, you can take credit for both of them.