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BarWise Corkscrew

  • BarWise Corkscrew By Joseph Joseph
  • A well engineered winding design removes all types of corks easily
  • Perfect positioning is achieved through its self-aligning design
  • Integrated twin foil cutter in the arm tips

Whether at a wild all night party, or a romantic meal for two, this BarWise Corkscrew will astound and impress with its smooth moves and good looks…so be sure you can handle the competition.

Its sleek blue exterior, is as fabulous to use as it is to look at and the easy-action mechanism, means it does the job in a jiffy.

To use the BarWise Corkscrew by Joseph Joseph:

  1. Find yourself a bottle that needs opening (shouldn’t be hard, right?) and push the corkscrew firmly onto the neck of the bottle.
  2. Hold onto the sides of the handy little gadget and just wind the handle, moving the corkscrew neatly into the eagerly awaiting cork.
  3. Carry on winding the handle while making witty conversation (optional) and the cork will virtually remove itself.

Pretty impressive we think you’ll agree!

Gone are the days of gripping on for dear life and pulling with all your might, no more embarrassing moments when half the cork remains in the bottle and none of that old-fashioned lever pulling. Oh no, now you are king of the wine openers, host extraordinaire and nothing can stop you.

But the fantastic features don’t stop there, yes my friend, there is even more.

This truly wonderful little gadget also includes twin foil cutters, in the very tips of its arms and it magically self-aligns to to ensure a perfect position every time, if only we were all that lucky.

With its non-stick coated screw thread, it can handle all kinds of cork, in fact the only thing it can’t do, is pop down the shops and buy the wine for you. If you can bear the thought of sharing such a stupendous gadget, it would also make a fabulous gift, with its smart coloured gift box but we’ll leave that up to you.