Bear Paw Oven Mitt

  • Bear Paw Oven Mitt By KinaCeramics
  • Hand crafted imitation of a bear claw made to protect your hands when handling hot pots and trays
  • Useful hanging loop
  • No bears or any other animals endangered in the designing and making process
  • Made By KinaCeramics

Make baking even more fun with this special 100% handmade Bear Paw Oven Mitt which protects your hands when you’re handling hot baking trays, pots, plates or anything that can potentially burn your fingers.

Made from super thick fake fur and a thick layer of fabric inside, heat is prevented from seeping through the material so you won’t be feeling the heat from the hot piece of kitchenware you’re carrying.

There’s no danger of scratching or getting scratched by the bear claws as they’re made from heavy black felt that’s purely decorative so it looks every part the bear claw. There’s a loop sewn on which comes in handy for hanging the mitt up when it’s not in use.

Designed and made by Kina Ceramic, it’s quite roomy so will fit most sized hands with space to spare. With a quirky mitt as cute as this, it brings a bit of fun to the kitchen especially when you’re baking with the kids or someone special. You could use it to serve food at parties to bring a bit of joy and laughter to the table or give it as a present to someone as a less serious gift.