Cadbury Treasure Box

  • Cadbury Treasure Box
  • Cadbury quality brand that everyone knows
  • Wide selection of bars – ideal for parties and gifting
  • A lot of chocolate, need I say more?

Very few of us understood that advert with the gorilla playing drums to Phil Collins, but we didn’t care – this was Cadbury, after all. And with chocolate like that, they could do no wrong.

Including classics like the crumbly Flake and chewy Double Decker alongside newer additions such as our friend Freddo, everyone’s a ‘Fruit and Nut’ case when it comes to this cocoa-laden ‘Picnic’.

The Cadbury Treasure Box is packed with an array of Cadbury’s most popular chocolate bars – ideal for parties, get togethers or someone who just needs a bit of a ‘Boost’.