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Champagne Bucket With Folding Stand

  • Champagne Bucket With Folding Stand By Drinkstuff
  • Easy to store folding legs
  • Sturdy champagne bucket that’s ideal for most table heights
  • High quality polished stainless steel finish that looks luxurious
  • Fun and cheeky addition to bath or dinner time

This Champagne Bucket with Folding Stand by bar@drinkstuff, is exactly what you’d expect it to be. Classy, shiny and rather posh looking, in fact it will prove to be a real talking point when you are hosting an otherwise dreary dinner party.

Impress your guests and other half with your taste for the better things in life and then pop the folding legs down for easy storage afterwards.

This nifty little item is also there to help increase your romantic reputation tenfold and with honestly, very little effort on your part. Impress your partner with your thoughtfulness and surprise them with this Champagne Bucket with Folding Stand…oh and don’t forget to buy a bottle of champagne, or it would all be rather pointless.

The Champagne Bucket with Folding Stand is of course, equally good for wine or other chilled drinks, although your reputation as a lothario might suffer a little if you try to plonk a bottle of orange squash in it. So dig deep into those pockets, buy a bottle to impress, a bag of ice and off you go.

Oh…and as well as being the perfect table height, it also sits pretty impressively next to a nice hot, romantic bubble bath…you devil you!