Chilli Sauce Kit

  • Chilli Sauce Kit By eKitch
  • Wide variety of seeds to cater to all tastes
  • Includes chilli bottles, chilli jam jars, a small funnel and bottle labels
  • Attractively presented so will make an ideal gift
  • All necessary equipment is included so you can get started straight away
  • Access the guides and free app for recipes

Feeling hot and saucy? Here’s a handy Chilli Sauce Kit for all those spicy chaps and fiendishly piquant chicks who like their condiments home-grown, home-made, and sizzling hot.

You’ll find everything you need to start creating your own hot sauces and chilli jams from the soil all the way to your dinner plate, so you can impress your friends with your own unique brand of fiery goodness even in the midst of a national chilli shortage.

Open the box which contains your Chilli Sauce Kit and you’ll find a selection of seeds ranging from moderately spicy (cayenne pepper), to ‘stick your head in an ice-bucket’ (habanero chillies – colloquially known as the ‘scotch bonnet’).

…and it’s a pretty sleek and stylish box too, so will look great as a gift, or just sat in your kitchen cupboard.

Once you’ve harvested your crop, choose from an easy to follow recipe guide or an even easier to follow free App, and you should be decanting your very own hot sauce or chilli jam into whichever of the selection of bottles and jars you please using the included funnel in under an hour! Lack the patience for a spot of amateur horticulture? Just pop down to the shops to pick up some of your favourite chillies and use those instead!

Top Tip – Chilli plants actually thrive when badly treated, so the Chilli Sauce Kit by eKitch is a goer even for those who only have green fingers when they’ve been at the avocado dip!