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Craft Beer Tasting Kit

  • Craft Beer Tasting Kit By Spiegelau
  • High quality crystal beer glasses designed to enhance the taste of beer for better enjoyment
  • Highly resistant to breakage so it’s safe to use in the dishwasher
  • Boxed in an elegant photo gift box making it ideal to give as a present
  • Tasting approved by master brewers and industry professionals
  • Measures 27.9 x 10.2 x 19.9 cm
  • Weighs 680 grams
  • Made By Spiegelau

There’s more to beer than just drinking it straight from the can or bottle. Real beer enthusiasts enjoy beer through its mix of aromas combined with texture, balance and flavour intensity on the mouth’s palate. This is achieved with the right beer glasses which Spiegelau have found the perfect design for in this Craft Beer Tasting Kit.

In this set of 3, you get:

  • 1 x American Wheat Beer Glass – has a large bowl that holds the wonderful aromas of wheat beer whilst balancing the delicate flavours in your mouth for a full flavoured taste.
  • 1 x Stout Glass – focuses your taste buds on the full bodied flavours and smells of stout beer.
  • 1 x Indian Pale Ale (IPA) Glass – features a rippled stem to aerate the beer and spread the flavours out for a fuller taste.

Made from lead-free crystal glass, each shaped glass has been tested by expert tasters consisting of master brewers and industry professionals, so not just any regular pulled from the pub, which confirmed that these unique shapes were the best in bringing out the best texture, flavour and balance. It’s designed with mouths wide enough for beer sommeliers to inhale those wonderful beer aromas. So go on and take a big sniff!

This set of quality crafted glasses is the perfect addition to great tasting craft beer. If you’re forking out on that kind of beer, do it some justice and taste their true flavours from these glasses. Cheers!