Death Star Ice Tray

  • Death Star Ice Tray By Kotobukiya
  • Makes a realistic looking Death Star ice sphere without taking over the planet
  • Has the ability to rapidly cool and bring a cold chill to your drinks
  • Made with food safe silicone so it’s heat and cold resistant making it suitable for the oven or freezer
  • Versatile use for chocolate moulds, baking, jelly etc
  • Measures 7 x 9 x 9 cm
  • Weighs 132 g
  • Made By Kotobukiya

The Empire’s greatest weapon with the ability to wipe out an entire planet was the Death Star is now replicated in this ice mould by Kotobukiya. With its intricate detailing of the battle station, it has the ability to create a fully frozen Death Star ice sphere to bring a refreshing crisp cold edge to your drinks.

It’s easy to fill up with water and the tabs around the rims prevents any leakages so it’s completely tight when it’s placed in the freezer. The flat bottom prevents it from rolling around or letting any imaginary weapons fire out as the freezer drawer shuts. Due to its large size, it takes a few hours to freeze but that also means it won’t melt as fast once it’s in your drink.

Other than creating ice, this Death Star Ice Tray can also be used to create a chocolate battle station, wobbly jelly fighting ground or a bath bomb station. It’s a cool way to bring some Star Wars fun into parties or for any massive fans. Don’t worry, it’s safe as this Death Star is unarmed.