Death Star Kitchen Timer

  • Death Star Kitchen Timer
  • LED superlaser flashes during countdown
  • Flashing LED light and laser sounds when done
  • Modelled after Death Star I (not Death Star II)

In a galaxy far, far away…the Death Star can destroy an entire planet with a blast from its superlaser. But here on Earth?

It lets you know when your eggs are done. Modelled after what should have been the Galactic Empire’s greatest weapon, the Star Wars Death Star Kitchen Timer features the classic Star Wars aesthetic (thankfully, minus the fundamental flaw in the exhaust port) and is a menacing addition to your existing kitchen gadgets.

For whatever you’re cooking or baking – eggs, bread or even Ewok jerky – the Star Wars Death Star Kitchen Timer lets out a warning by flashing its laser lights and sounds when it reaches 0.

You don’t have to pledge your allegiance to the Empire just to use it, though – it’s perfect for all Star Wars fans, whether on the dark side or the light.