Delizia Pizza Oven

  • Delizia Pizza Oven By G3 Ferrari
  • Large refractory stone caters for pizzas up to 12”
  • High temperature cooks pizzas in minutes, producing a crispy base and succulent toppings
  • 5-minute timer – yes, it really is that quick!
  • Available in red or black

If you’re mad about Margherita and head-over-heels for Hawaiian, then this is the oven for you. The Delicia Pizza Oven has a generous 31cm refractory stone which allows pizza to be cooked at a very high temperature for a short amount of time – the secret to a perfectly crispy base without drying out the toppings.

Comfortably catering for pizzas up to 12”, the refractory stone reaches a temperature of around 400°C, cooking the pizza to perfection in just minutes.

The Delizia Pizza Oven by G3Ferrari – aptly named for such a quick-cooking oven – also has a 5-minute timer with signal and comes with wooden pizza trays for serving.

If you fancy a change from Italian, the adjustable thermostat means that this clever pizza oven can also be used to bake pies (no soggy bottoms here), cakes, wraps and chestnuts. Available in red or black colour options, the Delizia Pizza Oven by G3Ferrari is a must for any pizza-loving household.