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Disc Pizza Cutter

  • Disc Pizza Cutter By Joseph Joseph
  • Removable blade for easy-cleaning
  • No pizza too deep, no topping too thick with the circular stainless steel blade
  • Silicone handle doubles as a blade guard
  • At last, a pizza cutter that doesn’t jam the kitchen drawer

The ultimate fast food now has the ultimate tool to cut it with. Simple to clean and easy to store this is a kitchen essential if you love pizza.

The Disc Easy-Clean Pizza Cutter Wheel by Joseph Joseph is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand and will slice effortlessly through your deep-pan or thin-crust.

The Disc has a removable stainless steel blade which is also dishwasher safe, meaning that no matter how much mozzarella is on your Margherita, it will be spotless the next time you get a pizza craving.

In addition to pizzas, this clever wheel can be used to cut through dough and pastry; an ideal multi-functional gift for baking fanatics.

Unlike the traditional pizza cutter, Joseph Joseph’s distinctive grey and red Disc does not have that annoying handle that jams in the kitchen drawer every time, requiring all the other utensils to be painstakingly reshuffled; instead, the silicone grip curves around the top of the wheel. In a nifty bit of design, this soft handhold doubles as a blade guard when not in use (no finger toppings on this pizza!).

Just try not to be offended when your Disc Easy-Clean Pizza Wheel steals the show; you’ll need at least a 14” pizza as everyone will want to have a turn with this foodie gadget.