Dragon Remains Tankard

  • Dragon Remains Tankard By Nemesis Now
  • Medieval fantasy tankard covered in the fantasy bones of a dragon
  • Big fill capacity of 650 ml
  • Metal cup acts as an insulator for hot drinks
  • Measures 18.4 x 16.6 x 13.8 cm
  • Weighs 621 g
  • Made By Nemesis Now

If you don’t know what a tankard is, you do now – it’s a tall beer mug. This particular Dragon Remains Tankard isn’t like any other common beer mug. No, it’s got a very gothic and medieval looking design with a skeletal dragon that’s standing with its wings spread with bones bordering the edges of the tankard and on the entire handle. Looks like the dragon is almost showing dominance in this pose.

Standing quite tall, it can hold up to 650 ml of beer but it doesn’t make the beer taste any better. Instead, it makes you look dangerously cool drinking your beer from it. Especially if you look like a character out of Game of Thrones. If not, you’ll be another geek drinking from your favourite mug but you’ll catch the eyes of a few people if you’re drinking this out in public.

If beer isn’t your thing or you want to drink a nice cup of tea in this, it’ll keep your tea warm for longer too because of the metal part inside. Don’t be alarmed to find the metal part can pop out, it’s to make washing it easier. Once it’s back on, it sits inside tightly and firmly.

This Dragon Remains Tankard is more than just a great design, it’s well made to a high quality and quite strong. There’s no loose bones in the design and it’s easy to clean. Mythical and medieval fantasy fans, if you like this tankard, you’ll love other similar products from Nemesis Now.