Easy Cream Ice Cream Mould

  • Easy Cream Ice Cream Mould By Silikomart
  • Versatile – suitable for ice creams, brioches and savoury cakes
  • 4 compartments allows you to make 4 mini treats in a single mould
  • Wooden sticks included – the perfect holder for your creation
  • Includes recipe book which provides simple ideas to get you started
  • Made By Silikomart

Crave ice cream in a flavour that the manufacturers have yet to discover? Want to indulge in a frozen treat safe in the knowledge that is free from nasty additives and preservatives? If that’s you, then the Easy Cream Ice Cream Mould is the answer.

If you fancy yourself as a budding Ben (or Jerry), have a go at making some of your creations come to life with the Easy Cream Ice Cream Mould by Silikomart.

This mould is perfect for making four miniature treats, reminiscent of a taster menu in a Michelin Star restaurant. Complete with wooden sticks and a recipe book to get you started, you’ll be dishing up your own gourmet-style food in no time. And don’t think it’s all just about the ice cream: this handy mould is great for brioches and savoury cakes, too.