• Egg-Splode By Paladone
  • Tank-shaped egg cup goes to war during breakfast
  • Your egg need never face battle alone with his army of toast soldiers
  • Dishwasher safe; great for clearing up after egg-splosions

Breakfast fun for little and big soldiers alike, this quirky egg cup and toast cutter is sure to make an impact.

The tank-shaped egg cup is perfect for your oval lieutenant. Don’t panic though, he’s not facing battle alone: the mini soldier-shaped cutter provides a whole toast platoon, the strength of which is limited only by appetite and imagination.

Egg-splode by Paladone also takes health and safety very seriously, providing every egg with a protective army-green helmet to help dodge any crumbs that may be fired in the officer’s direction. With such precautions in place, this lieutenant might live to fight another day and may even progress through the ranks to captain … if he doesn’t get eaten first.

Don’t worry if yolk is shed resulting from a particularly messy battle, as the set is dishwasher safe. The tank need never be unoccupied as a fake egg is provided, ensuring that the enemy is kept at bay outside of mealtimes.

With the Egg-Splode Egg Cup and Toast Cutter Set, breakfast time may take a bit longer and be a tad noisy, but the military-loving person in your life will definitely ‘tank’ you for it—BOOM!