Emoji Ice Cube Tray

  • Emoji Ice Cube Tray By Zoku
  • 10 emoji designs provides a fun way to cool drinks at a party
  • Silicone moulds remove ice cubes easily
  • Rigid plastic holder that’s easy to fill and carry
  • BPA-free

If you’ve spent too much time texting and have lost the ability to express how you feel in words, slip an emoji ice cube or two into your friend’s drink instead. Whether you’re feeling amused, bemused, cheeky or in love, the Emoji Ice Cube Tray will help you to say it all.

Made from flexible, BPA-free silicone, the ice cubes can be easily pushed out of their moulds and into your favourite drink. Making the Emoji Ice Cube Tray by Zoku easy to fill and carry to the freezer, the moulds fit into a rigid plastic holder.