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Fatman Folding Cake Stand

  • Fatman Folding Cake Stand By Alessi
  • Colourful and decorative foldable cake stand in the shape of a fat man
  • Stands idle in a compact size as a display of art
  • Features 3 tiers for cakes and other yummy treats
  • Made from mirror polished stainless steel that’s easy to clean and sturdy
  • Measures 33 x 47.2 x 23.30 cm
  • Weighs 1.5 kg
  • Made By Alessi

On the outside, this product looks like a unique piece of artwork for display or it could even be mistaken for a mirror with its flat design. Well, it’s actually a flat placked cake stand!

The Fatman Folding Cake Stand is decorated colourfully as its namesake – a fat man. But he’s dressed as a clown complete with the frilly ruffle around his neck and clown nose that’s unfortunately, not red.

The cake stand opens up by the round body on both sides until it lays flat to reveal another panel inside which flips over horizontally acting as another stand. So in total, there are 3 plates. It’s enough to hold a lot of yummy cakes or treats for a big group of people. The head can be used as a handle to manoeuvre the cake stand when needed and it’s very stable so you don’t need to worry about dropping any delicious treats.

Closing it is easy as it folds back the same way and the plates are held in securely by the clasps beneath the fat man’s head. The heavy frame holds everything safely in place so the closed stand can stand proudly in your kitchen or on the dinner table for you to show off.

Alessi has done it again with another practical and beautifully quirky design that will make the perfect and luxurious gift for someone special.