Ferris Spice Market

  • Ferris Spice Market By Kitchen Pro
  • Ferris Spice Market Spice Rack
  • 15 glass jars filled with preselected herbs and spices
  • Revolving carousel that’s smooth and easy to rotate
  • Precise seasoning with dual opening sprinkle and pour opening lids
  • Uniquely attractive spice rack to complement your kitchen
  • Measures 35cm (13.8”) tall with a footprint of 29.5cm (11.6”) wide by 27cm (10.6”) deep.
  • Manufactured by Kitchen Pro

This unique rotating spice rack designed like a ferris wheel revolves around with 15 glass jars that come filled with aromatic herbs and spices.

The sprinkle or pour lids allows you to precisely add the desired amount of seasoning to your food and when the jars are empty, they’re just as easy to refill with their dual opening lids.

The Ferris Spice Market Spice Rack will be a great talking point for anyone that enters your kitchen as it looks just as attractive on the kitchen table as it does in the cupboard.