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Glass Beer Boot

  • Glass Beer Boot By Bar@Drinkstuff
  • Novelty beer glass in the shape of a wellington boot with room on the cuff for that frothy foam head
  • Great for fun and games at parties
  • Comes in a box so it’s perfect to give as a gift
  • Available in a variety of sizes and designs
  • Made By Bar@Drinkstuff

For serious beer lovers and people who are the life and soul of parties, you will love this glass beer boot from the wonderful company known as bar@drinkstuff. They’re known for creating so many great drinking products that makes parties and life seem more fun.

This idea came about as there’s a theory that German soldiers drank beer from their boots during the war…well there’ll be no soggy boots with this.

Made from transparent soda lime glass with a cuff mold on the boot, drinkers can see their favourite beer bubbling away and where the traditional European head of the beer should be for each size. There’s a wide range of sizes available which includes:

  • 1 pint – 700 ml filled to the brim and is also available in a frosted glass design.
  • 75 pint – designed with a large and wide thick glass handle making it easy to hold especially if your hands are too small to fit around the other boot glasses.
  • 2 pints – fills up to 1.3 litres to the top making it perfect for sharing with another person. Or just keep it all to yourself.
  • 5 pints – get 2 litres worth of drink in.
  • 5 pints – a gigantic beer boot made for sharing or as an ice bucket.

With a variety of sizes, there’s so much fun to be had with these beer boot glasses. The large sizes can be used as a party game. Pass it around with friends to see who can drink it without spilling a drop – the trick is to drink with the boot toe pointed to your left or right. Watch when someone drinks with the boot toe pointed up or down, they’ll be taking a wash with the drink hehehe!

It’s a fantastic item that’s sure to attract a bit of attention and it’s great for festivity fun at Oktoberfest. Besides using it for beer, cocktails or some other drink, you could make a fancy display of it by filling it with decorations or even better – sweets and chocolates.