Himalayan Salt Shots

  • Himalayan Salt Shots
  • Set of 4 gorgeous pink shot glasses hand carved from salt that’s mined from the Himalayas
  • The coolest way to drink tequila
  • Set on an included Acacia wooden serving board

Licking salt off your hand or sucking it out of your friend’s belly button is so last year. Drinking from these Himalayan Salt Shots by Root7 gives you that kick that you need, and ensures that you look way more stylish than all of the other people getting wasted around you.

Pour your spirits in to these shot glasses, load them up with lime, and down it in one – salt is the perfect companion to the sharpness of a strong spirit.

With its beautiful (and unmistakable) pink colour, Himalayan rock salt is one of the purest types of salt. It is also richer in minerals such as calcium than most other salts (and it definitely comes out as the winner when compared to your table salt). If you are going to poison yourself with tequila, you might as well balance that out with a boost of calcium, potassium and magnesium.