• Holdstix
  • Great for training big or small kids to use chopsticks
  • Easy to use design, that allows you to retain some dignity when eating
  • Re-useable and dishwasher safe, can be used over and over again

Colourful stir fries, crispy pork balls and a noodle selection to make your eyes water, when you have the urge for Chinese food, there are few people that would dare get in your way. But can it really get any better?

The answer my friends is yes and these Holdstix by Compac are here to save your pride, while helping you enjoy your meal in style.

There may be some amongst us, who have actually mastered the art of chopsticks but, given half the chance we’re more likely to dive for the nearest cutlery draw.

We’ve all suffered an embarrassing restaurant visit or two, where your chopstick ends up pinging across the room in slow motion. Well worry no more! Holdstix are the easier version of the traditional stick-based implement, allowing you to eat your food while retaining some dignity.

Great for little kids and big kids alike, these handy helpers are re-useable and dishwasher safe, allowing them to be used over and over again. Or until you’re ready to progress to the big boy versions.