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Ice Balls

  • Ice Balls By Zoku
  • Large balls of ice keep drinks cooler for longer
  • Pack of 2 – enough for you and a friend
  • Two-part holder houses mould that allows easy ball filling and removal
  • Stacking saves space in your freezer
  • BPA-free
  • Made By Zoku

Keep drinks cold and make a statement with huge Ice Balls. Lasting much longer than conventional ice cubes, these balls are a stylish addition to your favourite beverage. You can even use juice or add fruit slices to the mould for an extravagant twist.

The BPA-free mould is housed in a two-tone, red and white holder. With the two parts of the holder together, simply pour water into the hole at the top of the ball mould and pop into the freezer.

Once frozen, the ice ball is easily removed by separating the two parts. Ice Balls by Zoku come in a pack of two (which can be stacked in the freezer to save space)—enough ice to keep you and your friend’s drinks cool for the whole evening.