Kitchen Conversions Chopping Board

  • Kitchen Conversions Chopping Board
  • At a glance wooden chopping board engraved with measurements conversion chart
  • Thick and sturdy board to provide a safe chopping surface
  • Packaged in a contemporary style box which makes it perfect to give as a gift
  • Measures 32 x 25.5 x 1.5 cm
  • Weighs 980 grams
  • Made By CGB Giftware

To make cooking a lot easier, this nifty chopping board has taken 2 practical and common uses in the kitchen and put it into 1 object. This Kitchen Conversions Chopping Board serves its main purpose as a chopping board but it also has embossed kitchen conversions in clear black writing which is very handy when you’re busy cooking and need to convert a measurement. These include:

  • Dry measures in imperial and metric
  • Spoonfuls in metric
  • Liquid measures in pints, metric, cups and fl. Oz.
  • Temperature in celsius, fahrenheit and gas mark

All commonly used measurements. This saves you time from having to get out your phone or go on your computer to convert what you need to know. CGB Giftware’s chopping board is functional and a must have piece of kitchenware for anyone who takes cooking seriously. Don’t get caught out with guesses and end up with recipes for disaster.