Lem Bar Stool

  • Lem Bar Stool By La Palma
  • Swivel seating and durable steel frame
  • Has a built-in footrest for extra comfort
  • Smooth gas-lift action (fun to play with)
  • Strong and sturdy, even when you aren’t
  • Award winning design

The Lem Bar Stool by La Palma is sexy, there’s no getting round it, this is the king of bar stools, the candy to the eye and it’s calling your name.

Sleek, fully adjustable and oozing class, you’ll have to be careful it doesn’t look better than your date, as it’s award-wining good looks as seriously made to impress.

You can see the quality of this Lem Bar Stool for yourselves, from its steel frame to its smooth gas-lift seat action. Start the evening looking cool as a cucumber and end it giggling stupidly, while raising and lowering the seat, we won’t tell.

The base of the seat is matt rather than gloss, a must have when cleaning up after parties as it’s much easier to keep clean. Tough enough to withstand the loudest of party-goers or the messiest of children, it’s a seat designed to last.

The Lem Bar Stool is not only strong but it’s pretty darn sturdy too and believe me, this is something to be thankful for if you’re celebrating long into the night. This chap will help you stay upright if you start to sway and won’t give up on you easily (again, it might prove to be better than your date).

It’s truly as close to perfection as you can get with bar seating, so if you’ve stopped drooling over the picture, you know what you need to do.