Magnetic Retro Timer

  • Magnetic Retro Timer By Eddingtons
  • Measures 7 x 3.5cm
  • Available in red, blue and ivory
  • Features one minute gradients

It’s a blast from the past! Forget digital clocks and smartphone timers – they had it right ages ago. The Magnetic Retro Timer by Eddingtons proves that practical and stylish things can truly stand the test of time.

Featuring a 60 minute clockwork timer, all you have to do is crank the face to the desired setting and voila!

It’s strong magnet lets you stick it on the fridge or stove to keep it in sight and you’ll be notified by a ring when it’s done.

The Magnetic Retro Timer comes in three colours and is built strong to last. At the very least, it’s a classy addition to your kitchen utensils and might make guests believe you’re a better cook than you really are.