Mighty Mug Wine Glasses

  • Mighty Mug Wine Glasses
  • Classic design for an enjoyable drinking experience
  • SmartGrip technology prevents accidental spillages
  • Free from BPA chemicals for added peace of mind

What picnic would be complete without a glass of vino to wash down those sardine sandwiches and savoury sausage rolls? None whatsoever of course, so it’s a good thing those clever dears at Mighty Mug have come up with these sublime, ultra portable Mighty Mug Wine Glasses.

Classically styled, Mighty Mug Wine Glasses are made from crystal clear, BPA free tritan plastic, so there’s no chance of them smashing into smithereens as you’re rummaging around in your hamper for a corkscrew. There’s also a useful anti-spill lid which means that – if you’re careful – you don’t even have to bring along the whole bottle.

If you do decide that just the one glass simply won’t do (and who could blame you?), the glasses are equipped with Smartgrip technology so there’s less chance they’ll get knocked over once everyone is feeling a bit squiffy.

Mighty Mug Wine Glasses with SmartGrip come in pairs, so they’re perfect for when you’re entertaining, and are dishwasher safe so you won’t have to waste too much time washing up when you could be out frolicking in the sunshine. Fabulous!