Photo Fridge Magnets

  • Photo Fridge Magnets By Instax
  • Turn your favourite photos into cool fridge magnets
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Pack of 10 magnetic rubber pads
  • Great gift for anyone with an Instax Mini camera

Elevate your favourite place, person or pooch to the dizzying heights of your kitchen appliance, with these Photo Fridge Magnets.

The Photo Fridge Magnets by Instax are a no-nonsense way of converting your cherished snaps into a fun format. Simply peel the protective layer off the magnetic rubber pad and plonk your prized snap onto the sticky surface.

The pads are designed to be a perfect fit for the Instax Mini film, meaning that you can create a personalised fridge magnet in just seconds. Coming in a pack of 10, you can also be sure that no one feels left out; after all there’s room on the fridge for everyone.

Are you ready for your fridge debut? Say ‘cheese’!