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Pizza Peddler

  • Pizza Peddler By Fred
  • Monkey pedals as he slices through your pizza
  • Sturdy silicone grip for precise slicing
  • Stainless steel blade – no monkey business here!

Got a pizza and need to cut it? What you need is a monkey on a unicycle, of course!

No more wobbly slices with this skillful primate at your side; a life spent performing in the circus, his balance is second to none. And as if a bright red monkey on a grey unicycle in your kitchen doesn’t have enough of a novelty factor, this chap actually pedals as he cuts through your Meat Feast or Hawaiian.

Joking aside, this is a really functional kitchen utensil for all pizza lovers. The Pizza Peddler by Fred features a no-nonsense stainless steel cutting wheel, which effortlessly glides through even the most indulgent deep-pan; while the sturdy silicone monkey-shaped handle allows a secure grip.

Standing at 23cm tall, the Pizza Peddler is certainly not going to go unnoticed. As an added bonus, you can sneak an extra slice while everyone else is still monkeying around with this cheeky pizza cutter.