Polar Ice Tray – Polar Ice Ball

  • Polar Ice Tray - Polar Ice Ball Series By U-Cube Designs
  • Creates pure and attractive crystal clear ice balls for drinks
  • Dual chambered layering system separates impurities from water molecules to give a crisp taste to drinks
  • Patented tray design to enable the easy removal of ice
  • Ice melts slower than normal ice
  • Measures 10.9 x 10.9 x 10.9 cm
  • Weighs- 272 grams
  • Made By U-Cube Designs

Part of the Polar Ice Ball Series, this ice tray makes a flawless round crystal clear ice sphere which is unlike standard ice. You can see right through these ones as there’s no impurities frozen within the water molecules.

It works by allowing the water to freeze by each layer and compresses the impurities to the bottom compartment of the ice tray so only the top compartment has the purest ice form.

Adding this crystal clear ice ball to your drinks will give it a cold crisp taste that enhances the flavour of your drink which no other ice can do. It melts slower than standard ice too so you won’t end up having to down your drink quickly or having a watered down drink. Besides freezing just water to create ice, you can also get creative and add a piece of fruit to it.

It’s the perfect way to make pure and crisp ice without the need to use an ice chisel. The ice made from this will give your party a bit of a boost and it’s a brilliant conversation starter. Another great Polar Ice Tray from U-Cube Designs. You may also want to check out their Square Bamboo Ice Tray.