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Pug in A Mug

  • Pug in A Mug By NOKI
  • Novelty dog tea infuser that brews whilst hanging out on the edge of your mug
  • Has a cute little expression on its face
  • Made from silicone which is heat resistant and easy to clean
  • Fits any standard sized mug
  • Measures 7.6 x 4.6 x 12.2 cm
  • Weighs 41 g
  • Made By NOKI

Making tea just for one but can’t be bothered to get out the teapot? Or perhaps you’re sick of gagging on tea leaves as you’re trying to relax with a cup of freshly brewed tea?

The answer to these easily solved problems is this cute dinky Pug in A Mug silicone tea infuser. Loose tea leaves are placed within its detachable chest and brewed through the perforated holes in its belly whilst he’s chilling out hanging his arms over the side of your mug.

Designed by Noki, this tea infuser fits into many standard sized mugs and leaves enough room for you to sip or down your drink. It stays securely on as you tilt the mug to drink so don’t worry about the cute little pug jumping off in an attempt to attack your face. However, if you plan to leave it bobbing around in your mug, it might attempt to get into your mouth.

Although it has a sad look on its face, it’s not real and is actually happy fulfilling the purpose it was made for due to its good design. However, for some mugs, you may need to fill it up to the top to allow a proper brew.

This silicone tea infuser is a great quirky little gift for any tea lovers. No real pugs or any other doggies were harmed in the making of Pug in A Mug.