Quest Egg Boiler

  • Quest Egg Boiler
  • Perfect boiled eggs every time – no more disappointed little soldiers at this table
  • Cooks up to 7 eggs at once, great for feeding the whole family
  • Includes a poaching accessory
  • Comes complete with egg piercer and measuring cup

Does the perfect egg always elude you? No longer will your yolk be too hard or your white too runny: The Quest Egg Boiler will deliver up to 7 of your feathered friends’ finest to your egg cup, cooked impeccably.

The egg boiler comes complete with an egg piercer and a measuring cup, to ensure that you use the correct amount of water to get those eggs just right for your squad of toast soldiers.

However, if you’re feeling particularly indulgent, why not use the poaching cup and treat yourself to Eggs Benedict – served on a muffin, with ham and lashings of hollandaise.

Cooking up to 7 eggs at one time, the Quest Egg Boiler is ideal for making a simple and healthy breakfast or tea for the whole family – you can totally count your chickens before they hatch with this nifty gadget.