Retro Popcorn Maker

  • Retro Popcorn Maker by Savisto
  • Create your own retro style popcorn movie theatre scene without leaving your home
  • Includes 6 classic cinema-style reusable boxes for the ultimate movie experience
  • Removable lid measures the right quantity of kernels for you
  • Aluminium heat chamber uses purely hot air for popping oil-free kernels
  • Get your guilt-free snack ready in under 6 minutes
  • Old-school red and white design adds vintage character to your kitchen
  • Compact table top design for easy storage
  • Measures 29.5 x 15 x 17cm / Kernel Chamber 7cm D
  • Manufactured by Savisto

Fancy a movie night in without compromising on the perks of good, old-fashioned cinema style? This vintage-styled unconventional Retro Popcorn Maker will turn your dull evenings into an unforgettable movie experience in no time.

Craving a midnight snack but feeling guilty about it is no longer the case. The Retro Popcorn Maker by Savisto uses unconventional methods of making popcorn using virtually no oil or butter. You can add more flavour by sprinkling some honey, salt or butter once the popcorn is out.

The aluminium chamber inside the machine circulates hot air which makes the popcorn taste so fresh and crunchy. It’s a great alternative to the traditional popcorn style. After all, this guilt-free and low-calorie snack is fat-free and will be just perfect for a movie night.

If this wasn’t enough, this wondrous kitchen gadget comes with 6 reusable boxes made with high-quality cardboard. Just enough to invite a few friends over to share a movie and homemade popcorn. Retro Popcorn Make will not only add more style to your kitchen but also improve your social life.