Roll-Out Bin

  • Roll-Out Bin By OXO Good Grips
  • Ideal for underside cupboards due to its spring-loaded kickstand that keeps the storage bin level
  • The kickstand will retract automatically when the storage bin is pushed back into place
  • Comes ready to use with no installation necessary
  • Made by OXO Good Grips

Make the most of every inch of precious storage space in your kitchen with the OXO Good Grips Small Roll-Out Bin, cleverly designed especially to fit in the bottom shelf of a standard kitchen cabinet. The roll out bin slides easily on its wheels, giving users convenient access to a range of essential kitchen items, such as cleaning materials.

As the bin is moved a leg lowers to provide essential support, keeping the contents secure and stable and avoiding spills. Easy to maintain, the roll out bin has a wipe clean surface and a non-slip handle.

The innovative design of the OXO Good Grips Small Roll-Out Bin means no more bending to reach those difficult items, so this product is ideal for anyone who finds bending or lifting difficult. What a great idea!

The Small Roll-out Bin solves common storage problems in compact kitchens and provides easy access to those hard to reach areas. No tools are needed for installation, just pop it in a drawer and the bin will do the rest. Stop bending or stooping. You’ll soon be on a roll!