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Severin Yoghurt Maker

  • Severin Yoghurt Maker Review
  • Delicious home-made yoghurt without the nasty artificial bits
  • Ready to chill in as little as 5 hours—make fresh yoghurt when you want it
  • Includes 14 glass jars so you can eat one batch while making the next
  • Use regular milk or dairy-free—cater cheaply for all dietary requirements
  • Create your own flavours, great for fussy eaters

Get the creamy yoghurt that you crave, fresh from your fridge. The Severin Yoghurt Maker is the easy way to make delicious home-made yoghurt, free from all those artificial flavours and additives – this is the real deal.

Severin know how much you are going to love your home-made yoghurt: they included an additional set of glass jars, allowing you to make another batch of yoghurt while you’re wolfing down the first.

Simply combine milk and a yoghurt starter culture (widely available in supermarkets and health food shops), pour into the jars and switch on.

After 5–9 hours, the yoghurts will be set. This is when you can get creative adding whatever fruits your heart desires, before leaving them to chill out in the fridge.

Lactose intolerant? No problem.

If you’re fed-up with paying a premium for dairy-free products, this yoghurt maker also allows you to switch regular milk for soya. No more searching for a decent use-by date on the supermarket shelf, only to discover that the flavour you like won’t last long enough—make the yoghurt that you want, when you want it, with the Severin Yoghurt Maker.