Slow Pops

  • Slow Pops By Zoku
  • 6 ice lolly moulds – just add fruit juice and freeze
  • Holder makes moulds easy to fill and carry
  • Fill line helps avoid spillages
  • Ridged stick so lollies stay put
  • Drip guard which means less washing
  • Reusable – that’s a lot of lollies!
  • Made by Zoku

You can’t beat a refreshing ice lolly on a hot summer’s day. Ice lollies are cheap and easy to make, providing a great snack to help kids and grown-ups cool down and chill out.

As the lollies are made completely from fruit juice (just pour into your Slow Pops), they are a low fat – or rather no fat – alternative to ice cream and can help towards the recommended five-a-day, too.

Made from BPA-free plastic, Slow Pops by Zoku contains six ice lolly moulds. The moulds fit neatly into a coloured holder, making them easy to fill and carry to the freezer. To help achieve the perfect pop and avoid spillages, the moulds also feature a fill line.

Once frozen, slide the lollies out and enjoy, safe in the knowledge that the ridged sticks will keep the lolly firmly in place while any drips will be caught by the guard. After washing, simply refill ready for the next scorcher.