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Slush and Shake Maker

  • Slush and Shake Maker By Zoku
  • Slush and frozen shakes in 7 minutes – get an ice-cold beverage fast
  • 260ml capacity – plenty to give you brain freeze
  • Protective sleeve so you don’t get frostbite
  • Includes a spoon; just stir and slurp
  • Made By Zoku

Indulge in a guilt-free, frozen slushy or icy shake this summer. With the Slush and Shake Maker you can enjoy homemade, ice-cold beverages using fresh ingredients, without all those artificial colours and preservatives.

A great concept that allows you to make your own slushy or frozen shake without the need for any fancy gadgets: simply freeze the inner core of the Slush and Shake Maker by Zoku for 8 hours and add your chosen drink.

In as little as 7 minutes, you will have 260ml of your very own icy beverage. Slip into the protective sleeve, so your hands don’t end up frozen to the container, and use the spoon provided to stir and slurp.