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  • Spiralfix By Gefu
  • Perk up boring fruit & vegetables with 4 different widths of cutting
  • Quickly and easily add a cheeky little twist to your dinnertime dishes
  • Easy to use and easy to clean (dishwasher safe)
  • Unleash your creative kitchen powers!
  • Made by Gefu

Bored of chunky salads? Tired old stir fries getting you down? We’ve all been there. It’s not always easy trying to create a masterpiece in the kitchen, while the kids scream and chuck vegetables at each other, so take a break.

This rather nifty little gadget has been designed to add a touch of excitement to meal times…oh yes, your dinners will never be the same again. The Gefu Spiralfix enables you to unleash your wild side, transforming boring everyday veg, into stunning spiral sensations.

If you’ve ever used a pencil sharpener, then you have the perfect prior training needed to use this clever little vegetable spiral slicer. Simply top and tail your chosen veg, pop it on the blade and lower the lid, then get twisting!

See the look of delight and amazement on your friends faces, as this handy little gadget neatly collects your newly created spirals. Soak up the admiration of your family as you serve up a curly, colourful plate of goodness and bask in the glory of your newly found creative prowess.

Ideal for creating vegetable alternatives to pasta, the Gefu Spiralfix has four different settings, so you can choose your desired width. Can it handle chunky veg? You betcha! Just pop them in and create long spaghetti shaped strands, without wasting any of that crunchy goodness.

Experiment and have fun with your food, brighten up stir fries, add life to salads and liven up that next spag bol with courgettey spaghetti, instead of the traditional boring limp noodles. You can even use firm fruits with it, try it with apples and create a pie that would make Delia weep!

Dishwasher safe, with stainless steel blades and a handle that is easy and comfortable to hold, this genius gadget is a real no-brainer. The kids will be crying out for more vegetables and you will be the hero of the hour.

Warning: You may find yourself with a growing twisty addiction. Not recommended for using on anything soft and gooey…unless you want a real mess in your kitchen.