Stact Modular Wine Wall

  • Stact Modular Wine Wall
  • An artistic and practical way to store your wine
  • Keeps bottles horizontal for the best flavour
  • Durable and stable as it’s constructed from premium materials and excellent craftmanship

Fancy yourself as both a wine lover and an artist? Get you! You most definitely need this Stact Modular Wine Wall, which enables you to store wine bottles in a horizontal fashion on the wall.

This artistic piece of kitchen decor is strong and stable as it’s precisionally machined from aircraft-grade anodized aluminum and top notch wood veneer panels.

Create a work of modern art by selecting colours and arrangements of wine. Just be careful not to let people bang into the wine bottles as they walk past them in a tipsy state. Wine all over the carpet is most definitely not one of the hallmarks of a highly cultured individual such as yourself.