Star Wars Glass Stormtrooper Decanter

  • Star Wars Glass Stormtrooper Decanter By Thumbs Up
  • Cool high quality designed Stormtrooper head in the form of a decanter
  • Thick base to provide stability when it’s set down
  • Comes in a nicely designed boxed that’s perfect to give as a gift
  • Measures 14.5 x 18 x 11.3 cm
  • Weighs 948 grams
  • Made By Thumbs Up

From Thumbs Up comes this intricately designed super cool Star Wars Glass Stormtrooper Decanter which holds a whopping 750 ml of drink. Its likeliness to a Stormtrooper’s head is uncanny!

You can fill it up with alcohol, use it to decant wine or serve drinks from it. Its closure is with a snug fitted cork stopper with a bottle cap attached to keep whatever’s inside fresh. It’s also easy to pop open as the cap has grippable edges.

Made from  super flint glass, the decanter has a nice heavy feel to it so it’s very sturdy and tough making it less prone to chips or breakages. Don’t attempt to microwave a hot drink in it or take the easy way out of washing up by bunging it into the dishwasher because you’ll just end up shattering or damaging the decanter. Not a great way for it go out and you’ll end up with an unnecessary cleaning chore!

It’ll look great if you’re using it for drinks at a party which is sure to be a talking point. A must have product for any Star Wars fan who loves a drink. If not, it’s great piece of memorabilia to own!