Tetris Ice Cube Tray

  • Tetris Ice Cube Tray
  • Makes 9 Tetris-shaped ice cubes
  • Nostalgic purple colour
  • Flexible plastic reduces the chance of launching your ice cubes across the room
  • Fun for parties
  • Officially licensed product, ideal for Tetris geeks

If you thought the classic Tetris video game was stressful, think again. Gone are the days of battling to complete a row before you ran out of room, here you have to contend with mother nature herself. Can you recreate the square configuration of the Tetrimonio-shaped ice cubes before they melt away? No mean feat with these freezing cold, slippery tiles.

In the classic Tetris purple, the ice cube tray comprises 9 Tetris-shaped moulds. As the tray is made from a flexible plastic, ice cubes can be easily removed. A nice touch is the lipped edge that runs around the tray, to allow for small spillages which are inevitable on the epic journey from tap to freezer.

The Tetris Ice Cube Tray is a great accessory for any party. You could just use the ice cubes to cool your guests’ drinks. However, considering the potential for a classic party game with a variety of levels of difficulty (just turn the heating up), why waste them on your mixers?