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Twister Wine Aerator and Decanter Set

  • Twister Wine Aerator and Decanter Set By Final Touch
  • Specially designed wine aeration process that instantly oxygenates wine so it’s ready for drinking
  • The crystal clear glass decanter is built with a sturdy base to provide stability when it’s placed down
  • Sediments are filtered out with the stainless steel filter
  • Large 750 ml fill capacity that’s enough for 4 to 5 people
  • Measures 27.3 x 27.1 x 24.1 cm
  • Weighs 1.3 kg
  • Made By Final Touch

With a similar aeration system to the Pha Zaire Wine Aerator System, this Twister Wine Aerator and Decanter Set that’s also by Final Touch, uses the same 3 stage process.

It begins with the stainless steel mesh filter to separate sediments from the wine as it’s poured in. The wine then flows through the holes in the double walled wine glass (yes there are holes in this so don’t attempt to use it as a normal wine glass!) and continues down the twisted stem.

However, instead of the wine just spiralling down the twist, it also flows out from strategically placed holes within the spiral and into the decanter. With this method, wine is instantly oxygenated and ready to drink in its full flavourful glory. See it’s not just a cool looking decanter with a funny spiral twist.

More than just a well designed wine aeration system, this decanter set is well built and pours well. It makes a great present idea for anyone who enjoys wine or for a dinner party.