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Vintage Gas Pump Liquor Dispenser

  • Vintage Gas Pump Liquor Dispenser By Drinkstuff
  • Eye catching retro gorgeousness
  • Strangely satisfying pump operated via a trigger
  • 900ml graduated measurements
  • Dispense in glass (or mouth!)

We all like a tipple or two and this wonderful Vintage Gas Pump Liquor Dispenser by bar@drinkstuff just makes the experience a million times better. Pouring drinks from a boring old bottle is soooo yesterday, so get with the times and empty your ugly old bottles into this fun, convenient and whacky little gadget.

Planning a bit of a shindig? This will definitely be the centre of the party so make sure you place it strategically where you know everyone will see it. Then just sit back and watch the envious gazes, as you focus your smooth moves on dispensing drinks for all and sundry.

The Vintage Gas Pump Liquor Dispenser also comes in rather handy later on in the evening, when Grandma is under the table and the neighbours are belting out a bit of karaoke…who needs glasses! Just open up and pour…

There are handy markings on the side of the glass dispenser, just in case you did want to measure your shots and it boasts a whopping great 32oz capacity, ideal to share (if you really want to).

The Vintage Gas Pump Liquor Dispenser will still love you in the morning, in fact it will always be there for you with its easy, hand-wash body and smooth good looks. Don’t be the envious party guest who has to leave this beauty behind, share your home with it and have a cheeky little pump whenever your heart desires.