Wall Mounted 6 Bottle Measure Bracket

  • Wall Mounted 6 Bottle Measure Bracket By Drinkstuff
  • 6 x 1 litre bottle capacity
  • Great for home bars and getting drunk
  • Easy to assemble with wall fixings included
  • Impressive pub-style design

Here, we have one for the real party-goers. The wild child, the party animal and even Grandma’s collection of different pick-me-ups. We aim to please everyone with this Wall Mounted 6 Bottle Measure Bracket by Drinkstuff.

With a whopping great choice of six bottles to hang on your wall, the party is practically already in full swing. Just choose your favourite tipples and screw mount this baby to your wall, oh yeah…drink holders don’t get much better than this.

The Wall Mounted 6 Bottle Measure Bracket is not only fabulously good looking but it serves a practical purpose too. Just think of all the space you’ll regain in your cupboards once you’ve hung your drinks lovingly on your front room wall, it’s a win-win situation.

Of course this would look spectacular in a home bar, so empty out that shed, chuck out the garden tools and start creating your very own party central, (just don’t tell the wife).

An additional benefit to this handsome little beast, is that you can practice your smooth moves while serving a drink at the same time. Share your witty conversation with your desired victim…er…guest, and smoothly measure out their drink in a single, one-handed action.

Not too shabby huh! Bring out those party moves and they won’t know what’s hit them. The Wall Mounted 6 Bottle Measure Bracket is waiting for you right now, so click that button and get on with it!