Whiskey Wedge

  • Whiskey Wedge By Root7
  • The slanted angle keeps your whiskey chilled without dissolving ice into it
  • The coolest way to chill your whiskey
  • Includes a classic whiskey glass and silicone mold

Don’t you just hate it when you have poured yourself a nice glass of whiskey, and you want it to be cold so you drop an ice cube or two into it. Yet, before you manage to enjoy the delicious taste of that whiskey, the ice melts into it, spoiling the pure flavour.

If only there was a way to cool your whiskey down without mixing it with water. This Whiskey Wedge is the solution.

The silicone mold creates a slanted block of ice that fills the bottom of your glass, whilst the top triangle is filled with that whiskey you want to knock back after a long day. This angled combination keeps your whiskey nice and cold, without turning it into an unappetising mix of alcohol and tepid water.