Wooden Pallet Coasters

  • Wooden Pallet Coasters By Design Studio Labyrinth
  • Quirky scaled down 1:10 miniature coaster version of wooden pallets
  • Eco friendly as it uses recycled wood
  • Excellent quality design with a stable base that’s suitable for holding hot drinks, hot dishes or anything the table can handle but not warehouse type items
  • Fun gift idea for anyone works in logistics or a warehouse
  • Measures 12 x 8 x 2 cm
  • Weighs 181 g
  • Made By Design Studio Labyrinth

Made out of recycled timber, these eco Wooden Pallet Coasters are designed just like the real thing. The difference is in the size of course and instead of holding large and heavy items, it holds your hot drinks or anything else that could leave behind a mark on the table.

Packaged like the original sized pallets, there are 5 in each pack so there’s enough to go around whether it’s for the family or for a small dinner party. Each one is handmade by Design Studio Labyrinth to a high standard of quality. They’re sturdy and sits flat on level surfaces without any wobbliness. Unlike most coasters, cups don’t stick to it either.

These nifty wooden pallet coasters will make a fun and quirky little present for anyone who works with the real thing.